in the very heart of South London

"Clapham's high street is yet another gay village, and visitors should make this their first stop if they make it to this part of town.

It's busy at weekends (Friday and Saturday are club nights) with locals who are happy to keep the fun south of the river (even south of Vauxhall). And catch the cabaret acts throughout the week.

Though affectionately nicknamed the 'Two Sewers', this long-established gay pub and club is the opposite of grotty. Indeed, it has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers.

Like her, it has been serving the gay community for yonks... Still enormously popular, it's a crowd-pleasing mix of commercial dance music and drag shows (regular performers include La Voix, Titti La Camp and the ubiquitous Sandra; Dave Lynn, a seasoned veteran who does his own singing, is the best of the bunch).

There's lots of local totty on parade too, all in a polished, suburban setting. DJs in the main bar spin pure cheese, while the dark and cavernous back room morphs into a proper club..." - Time Out